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Republican Dr. Mark Shelton Challenges Democrat Wendy Davis To Stop “Chasing” Redistricting Lawsuits and Start Debating

Shelton now heavily favored in a district where Republicans averaged 57% in 2010 and highest Democrat vote was 45%

While Democrat State Senator Wendy Davis has been pursuing redistricting lawsuits and spending time in federal courts in San Antonio and Washington D.C., including a rejected voting rights claim before the US Supreme Court, her Republican opponent, pediatrician and State Representative Mark Shelton, has repeatedly said that he would run against Davis regardless of the boundaries. Now, both candidates will finally get their wish.

On Wednesday, an out-of-court compromise settlement was reached to keep the existing ten-year boundaries of State Senate District 10 in effect for the 2012 election cycle.  And because no Democrat has ever pulled 50% or higher in the district, Shelton predicts Davis is going to suffer from a classic case of “be careful what you ask for!”

For example, in the 2010 elections the highest Republican vote in State Senate District 10 was 60.1% whereas the highest Democrat vote was only 44.6%.  “This proves that if Davis had been on the ballot in 2010, she would have lost,” said Shelton. “This also proves her plurality victory in 2008 was an election ‘fluke’ caused by under-votes (Republicans skipping the race) plus a high Libertarian Vote (the Libertarian candidate received more votes than vote margin between Davis and her 2008 Republican opponent).”

“Again, the truth is no democrat, including Davis, has ever reached 50% in State Senate District 10 and on this point, Davis flat fibbed to the judges in her redistricting court cases when she falsely claimed to represent a majority Democrat constituency.  So, I’m glad to finally see her come clean on the Republican nature of this district.”

“With the compromise map now in hand, it’s time for Davis to get out of the courtroom and start debating issues as she has a lot of explaining to do,” announced Shelton. “Whereas I have supported senior citizens tax exemptions and voted to balance the state budget without raising taxes, Davis has consistently called for higher spending and higher taxes. In fact, Davis even voted AGAINST senior citizen tax exemptions while she was on the City Council. Why?”

“Whereas as a physician, I see firsthand the downside to children and seniors from Obamacare, I have actively opposed Obamacare and it’s penalties on individuals who don’t have health insurance.  However, Davis has supported Obamacare and its costly government intrusion into our lives. In fact, this past session, Davis even voted AGAINST disclosing the real cost of Obamacare to the people Texas. Why?”

“Whereas I have supported ethics in government, Davis has used her position in public service to enrich herself with lucrative and ethically questionable contracts for her own real estate title business and law practice. She needs to make public all of her current law firm contracts for a full public inspection and review of all ethical concerns.”

“And whereas I have supported public transparency in government, Davis has been dishonest with the public opting for sneaky deals like moving public housing complexes next to exiting neighborhoods without public hearings (which she did while on the City Council) and has continued this sneakiness by saying she was for local government control, when in reality she has voted for foreign owned companies over local governments in building our local roads (2007-RTC and 2009-State Senate). Why?”

“I look forward to debating these, and others issues, with Davis in the election ahead,” Shelton concluded.

Shelton is a 20-year pediatrician at Cook Children’s Medical Center and has served as past president of Lena Pope Home. He and wife, Mary Ann, have four children including a son currently attending the United States Naval Academy.  Shelton lives in the Mistletoe area of Fort Worth and was raised in Arlington. Both his Fort Worth home and his parent’s Arlington home are in State Senate District 10.

A popular public official, Shelton received 55.3% of the vote in 2008 with both a Democrat and Libertarian opponent, and 86.3% of the vote against a Libertarian opponent in 2010 to earn his second term as a State Representative. This past legislative session, he served on the Texas House Appropriations and Public Education Committees.  During the past four months, Shelton’s campaign has lined up over 500 endorsements from voters and community leaders across Tarrant County including Fort Worth Congresswoman Kay Granger and Arlington State Representative Diane Patrick.